Soap Making

Hot Process Soapmaking

Hot Process Soapmaking

My favorite recipe for a wonderful goat milk soap.


Goat's milk 23 to 34 fluid ounces frozen.

Warning: Always add your solid form sodium hydroxide lye to the milk. If the liquid were added to the solid form lye a violent reaction could result.

Fats and Oils

Avocado Oil  16 oz

Cocoa Butter 8 oz

Coconut Oil 16 oz

Palm Kernel Oil  16 oz

Soybean Oil 16 oz

Lard 20 oz


Lye (NaOH) 13 oz

Coconut & Palm Kernel Oils makes good lather.


Measure all Fats and Oils and put them in a Crockpot or slow cooker. Turn on to @300 to melt everything.


Line your molds with butcher paper so that the soap won't stick. I have one soap mold to the left and the thing on the right is a bamboo silverware holder that works great also.


Measure out your essential oils. I've got 3 oz each of Frankincense and Myrrh. Another favorite variation is Peppermint & Tea Tree soap - for it measure out 2 oz tea tree essential oil, 2 oz peppermint essential oil, 1 oz squash blossom essential oil and 1 oz lavender essential oil. This bar will wake you up in the morning since the peppermint oil makes you skin tingle.


Gather together frozen goat soap, something to measure lye into, NaOH and gloves. I keep a dedicated containers, spoons and gloves for this. 


Measure out your 13 oz of lye. I prefer to do this outside, but if it's cold and windy like today I do it in the kitchen.


Like I said before, these containers are only used for making soap.


Add the lye to the frozen goat's milk. If you want to speed things up, microwave the milk for a minute until you can cut a crossways into quarters.


Otherwise the lye will slowly melt the goat's milk.


The goat's milk will darken to a nice honey brown with the lye in it.


All the solids have melted and are ready for the goat's milk.


Add the lye/goat's milk to them carefully so as to not splash the lye. I pour it to the back with it facing away from me.


You can stir by hand or speed things up by using a hand mixer.


It will start to look like oatmeal.


Then the oil will start separating back out.


Keep stirring and mixing.


 You are looking for a shiney mashed potato consistency. 


Then it will quickly get thick and hard to stir. Quickly add your oils and incorporate well.



Then quickly stir into molds. Don't half fill one and then come back and add to it - this will separate into layers. Fill one completely then move on to the next.


Smooth with the back of a spoon or spatula. I like the very artisanal look of them when they are not perfect. I needed one more than I papered for - hopefully I can get that one out. We'll see, it would be geat if you didn't have to paper them since it is a pain...


Let sit for a few days then cut into bars.

 Tye a little twine around them and they make great gifts.